Error importing old .kicad_pcb file into KiCad 8 PCB Editor

Hi Folks,

I’ve got a .kicad_pcb file that was generated by pcbnew “(5.1.2)-2”. It loads ok into KiCad 7 PCB Editor, but fails to load into KiCad 8 PCB Editor, giving the following error message:

Error loading PCB ‘SOIC28.kicad_pcb’. Expecting ‘font, justify, or hide’ in ‘SOIC28.kicad_pcb’ line 1094, offset 6.

Just before line 1094, is the following text:

  (dimension 33.02 (width 0.15) (layer Dwgs.User)
    (gr_text "33.020 mm" (at 66.675 26.259) (layer Dwgs.User)
      (effects (font (size 1 1) (thickness 0.15)) hide)

If I manually remove the ‘hide’ parameter from this dimension field (and the other dimension fields) it loads ok. Is this a bug in the latest KiCad 8.0.1 release, or am I doing something wrong with the import?

I did try to look on gitlab for an existing bug report, but struggled to find anything. I also struggled to find a changelog for any of the nightlies, so if it is a bug perhaps it has already been fixed?

Can you try an 8.0 testing build? This may have been fixed already.

If not, can you share the board?

I’ve just downloaded and installed the latest testing build, version 8.0.1-118-g9a728c37df, but it’s still doing the same.

Copy of the board attached - downloaded from here: (24.9 KB)

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OK, thanks, looks like a different problem. We’ll get it fixed for 8.0.2.


You guys are awesome and under appreciated.

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