Error: footprint with a not correct size

I have realized a pcb scheme and I have connected all the components. When I do the control the program signal a problem with some footprints which I have downloaded from Digi Key, in particular the control says that the footprint has a not correct size (it is not a closed form), but all it looks like correct, the lines are connected. Is it only a graphic problem or I will have problems also with the real pcb?

Start by posting the exact text of the error.
Do a copy & paste of the text, or make a screenshot.

It may also help if you post the name of the footprint that has the problem (or even the footprint, or your whole (zipped) project).

scheda di (243.7 KB)

My italian is quite bad, but I was easily able to reprocude it in English because you attached the project :slight_smile:

There are three issues with “incorrect courtyard”.

The courtyard is a way to reserve space on a PCB, so it can be easily manufactured by pick and place machines. Courtyards are therefore a manufacturability item, but on themselves they are not strictly necessary. KiCad’s own libraries are quite strict (Thanks to the KLC (KiCad Library Convention) and this is a good thing). Other external libraries vary in quality.

Below is a screenshot of your relay footprint in the footprint Editor.
I’ve disabled all layers except F.Courtyard, and it has a weird double rectangle and an arc. This is not how the courtyard layers should be used. There should just be a single outline, similar to the Edge.Cuts layer.

If I have understand well, if I mount by hands the PCB, this problem is not so important, only If I use a Pick&Place I have some problems of Courtyards.
thank you.

Yes, it’s probably no a problem, the incorrect courtyard just prevents KiCad from checking if footprints are too close to each other.

It shouldn’t be a big problem to remove the bad extra items from the footprint courtyard, though. I’d probably do that just for cleanliness.

KiCad does not know that you intend to build the PCB by hand, it only knows that the courtyard in the footprint is not defined correctly, and it did notice that correctly.
To fix it, I would not completely remove the courtyard from those footprints, but I would just fix them into a proper simple outline, as they should have been from the beginning.

In the new (to come) KiCad V6 you can simply disable all ERC and DRC messages you don’t like.

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