Error: Footprint has malformed courtyard (not a closed shape)

I have checked the electrical rules of this pcb and the error mentioned in the title is reported to me.

The description is clear to me, but is it possible that the standard footprint is wrong? Do I have to look for another one?
Thanks for any help

Yep, quite possible. The requirement for the courtyard probably predates that footprint so errors may have been made when batch-upgrading old footprints to the new standard.

I would say not. The courtyard is mostly needed for PnP parts to allow for the tooling to avoid running into already placed adjacent components. THT parts are rarely machine placed these days.

For your own sanity you might want to check to make sure that your component was made to the same standard as the footprint was designed to. The easy way to do that is print out your board (or just that footprint) 1:1 on paper. Poke out the holes with something sharp, and then try to mount your component to see if it fits and the outline is reasonably close to your physical part.

Due diligence would have you doing that for each component that you use the first time you use a specific footprint with that specific component. This would be true of any footprint that you get from any source, as there is some human interaction somewhere in the line between the physical manufacture of a part and the footprint. (Even a footprint designed with a script has human interaction, both in the writing of the script, and at some point the keying in of the values that the script uses and/or are in the datasheet.)


Thank you for the answer. You were very clear.

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