Error exporting VRML? AddArc() width/2 exceeds radius?


Am I doing something wrong here? I can export the board as a step and the 3d viewer renders it fine… KiCad stepup also doens’t in FreeCad doesn’t seem to complain either?

I was attemping to export a WRL so I could get a render including the traces and components.

This is a surprising hard bit of geometry for my small brain to figure out. I think I’ve tried half a dozen approaches over the years with little success.

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I see to ensure the outer diameter of such arcs does not change it should be (radius + width)/2 = X where X is the new radius and new width. It would also prevent the width of the arc overlapping the center…

The inner diameter should not matter as it is overlapping… so it just needs to be equidistant from center to the outside of the arc line.

Patches are welcome that address the issue in the linked bug report.

While I don’t disagree that this problem seems simple, correctly addressing it has eluded me so if you’d like to have a go at it, please do.

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In any case once I knew what I was looking for I found the problem, I had a circle with width > radius as pin 1 marker on a component.

I see what you mean by there being other issues with this… I think my math would work for complete circles but not arcs… and you’ve obviously been thinking about this awhile longer ha!

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