Error creating symbols

I’ve just been experimenting a bit with the symbols.
In (1) a symbol without highlighting and in (2) a symbol with highlighting in the worksheet.

I came to the conclusion that highlighted icons were easier to see and wanted to customize a few icons.

In (3) the symbol to be adjusted. But already in (4) it becomes clear that the text lies under the square instead of on it. Things get even worse in (5) where everything disappears under the colour.

The schematic editor currently has no concept of a z-ordering of graphical items. So your idea to draw nice colored symbols, composed of graphical items on top of each other, will not work.
Even working with the “custom background color” for a rectangle/circle doesn’t works reliable

This is a known restriction and tracked in this gitlab-issue:

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Good morning, I found an easy way to create multicolored icons.

Step 1 Normal icon, Step 2 Fill background with background color.

Select the line tool, 4th step draw a rectangle and select the properties with E.

Step 5 Select line color. Step 6 works for me and confirm with 7.
Use 8 to repeat color selection for the background. Confirm with 9.

This is the result.
Ueberspannungsrelais.kicad_sym (3.0 KB)

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