ERC warning: both ..... attached to the same items

I had a design that checked out fine in 5.1 but on 6.0 I get the following error when doing an ERC check:
warning: both gnd and pp45 are attached to the same items…

I found one match on this forum but I don’t think it applies. This design was copied from another. In the attachment I have taken it down to a bare minimum and if you do an ERC the error persists. I don’t see why it applies here.

Any ideas appreciated
Fritz (355.0 KB)

kicad v6 has far more ERC-tests than v5. So it completely ok to get more ERC-errors/warnings, even on a design which was error-free in v5.

The mentioned ERC-test is a check if a wire has more than one name/netlabel assigned. This could be a sign of a user-mistake, but it could also be intentional. It’s up to the user to decide. If you often use different netlabels for one wire you should disable this special ERC-test in schematic-setup-dialog. (set severity of this test to “Ignore”).

Also look through the other ERC-tests in the ERC->violation severity setup to get a feeling for the new enhanced ERC-tests


The GND symbol forces net name ‘GND’ to any nets attached. So you have pp45 and GND attached to the same items (C13, pin 45). ERC is right.

[EDIT] There is no need for having pp45 and not simply GND unless you want to do something special with the respective tracks on the board later (like star-ground etc.). In this case a net-tie is required.

OK—Now I see–makes sense -Thanks to both of you

Maybe a little off topic but it relates-somehow my grid alignment is “off” and I would like to realign my components onto the grid. I know this could not be done with 5.1. Is it possible with 6.0? I thought I saw that somewhere but cannot find it now


Select the elements you want to move. RMB->Align elements to grid. Done.


Ha–the old RMB trick–should have looked more carefully.
Looks like KiCad has thought of everything-I’ve been using it about 5 years now and really like it-especially 6.0.
Thanks Martin

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