ERC Pin Problem

Hello everyone.
I am new to this kind of Electrical check. I´ve downloaded a Symbol and Footprint for my project directly from Analog device official website, and imported it. But when i check using ERC in Schematic, a warning message pop out. Its says that my pin is “Unspecified”

how can i solve this problem, and what causing it to be like that

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The symbol that you use for U1 is not “finished”. It has its pins as type “unspecified”. This type is meant to communicate from the symbol crator to the user that they did not check what the real pin type should be. See Electrical type of schematic symbol pins (KiCad 4 and KiCad 5)

I’ve noticed the symbols imported from other tools or third party databases often end up with “unspecified” pins in KiCad, presumably the mapping of pin types went astray. Not sure whether it is better to have that or passive pins.

I think unspecified is better as the user is then made aware of the fact that something went wrong. If they are passive then ERC is made useless (passive can be connected to anything).

Sure, you either get a useless symbol with unspecified pins, or a useless symbol with passive pins :slight_smile:
Either way the user has to go over every pin and set the correct type, which I suppose is a little quicker than just making your own symbol. I’m not really fussy, but I like to have power pins at top and bottom.

The symbols from Analog Devices seem to come via UltraLibrarian, I have their “free” reader but it crashes when exporting KiCad data.

As I suspected, the Ultralibrarian symbol sets all pins to Unspecified, not very useful. Oh well, it was free :slight_smile:

Yeah, same with the symbol I got for the parts I bought from LCSC. In that the pins weren’t even grouped, just two columns, not even in circular order. But it was only a few minutes work with the editor to fix it up. I think robots generate those symbols from the datasheets.

Correcting pin types has gotten easier recently (at least compared to v4). Not only can you see the pin types in the editor window (as demonstrated above), but there is also a Pin Table editor window:

Here you can edit each cell (pin type gives a drop-down to choose from) and you can sort by any column by clicking on the column header.


This feature was introduced with 5.1.0 (It is even useful if you do not have a half finished symbol like here. See Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x) Section Adding pins using the pin table)

Yeah, I’d forgotten when it was introduced. I think I was repressing the times of not having it. :grin:

I love these new UI improvements :slight_smile:

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