ERC on imported schematic errors on power connectors

I am running ERC on an Eagle imported schematic on the nightly build, and need to understand this message and how to fix:

  1. Will it blend? (Blendtec’s will it blend youtube)
  2. Although it is listed as an error, is it really?
  3. Will it still let me layout?
  4. How can I make it happy? (Where is its stomach? What kind of food?)


Also found the following problem. A crossed wire got unconnected and reconnected during the “align to grid” which was done to 25 mil and then again to 50 mil, and the system complains about two labels.

See this FAQ: ErrType(3): Pin connected to some others pins but no pin to drive it

The short version is that ERC expects a pin of type “power output” on +12V net, but doesn’t find one, so it thinks the net is undriven. As a human engineer, you can see if that’s actually true, or if the net is in fact driven by something that KiCad doesn’t understand is a power source (for example, a connector to an external power supply). There is a dummy symbol PWR_FLAG in the power symbol library that can be added to the net to politely tell KiCad that the net is actually driven.

to answer your questions:

  1. From what I’ve seen, blendtec blends most things
  2. It might be or it might not be; is that net actually getting +12V from somewhere? It probably is, and KiCad just doesn’t understand where it’s coming from.
  3. Yes, you can layout (but check that it’s not a real design issue!)
  4. Add a PWR_FLAG to that net, assuming that it’s not a real design issue.

Hard to say here, but check that the wires and there connections match the original schematic, and check that all the labels are placed on the right wires.

I know this isn’t the world’s most useful reply, but just in general, I would never bother running ERC on an imported project (unless I was looking to fully port the whole project over to KiCad, in which case there’d be a phase of re-drawing a lot of it). ERC is very coupled to KiCad’s particular quirks/conventions.

I am porting the project over. Just wanted some feedback. The power flag will be a good touch, once I figure that out.

I think that when the “align to grid” happens, if 2 wires are touching, KiCad hiccups. I’ll check that hypothesis out later.

Deleting wires and reconnecting worked for fixing the duplicate label war. Now on to the power connector.


Yes, is an external power supply. Thanks for the PWR_FLAG. Will find it.

The project is adapting the cypress cy8ckit-059 board to a RAMPS 1.4 3d printer interface board.

I have the software at the 85% to 90% mark. Will release just in time for no semiconductor parts to be available anywhere in the world.

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