ERC finds not connected pin which is connected


The situation: I have a hex inverter in one Subsheet, the output of four modules is connected to hierarchical output labell.
On an other subseet, there is an adder with four input pins connected to hierarchical input labels. The inverter outputs are connected to these adder inputs, but the ERC gives a “Pin not connected” error on two of the adder inputs. Any suggestions? the pins do look connected (no small squares on the end)


The ERC is not likely to be wrong.

Delete the last segment of each “wire” to these connections.

Change your grid to 50mills and move the part.

Re-“wire” to the new grid spacing.


I see irregular spacing on your Z labels.
EEschem does not snap (yet?) to pins as PCBnew does to pads and is fussy about coordinates, they have to match exactly, and the easiest way to do that is to draw everything on a 100mil grid.

Have you changed your grid during this design?
what happens if you drag (with “g”) a schematic symbol? Do the wires stay attached?
(Press ESC to cancel the drag and return the symbol to it’s original position when done)


I rewired the part in question in 50 mill Grid (100 does not work, as the inverter pins don’t align to it).
Still the same Result.
When I drag the components, the wires stay attached, also the “Highlight net” Feature lights up the whole wire between the parts.


Could you post the error messages from the ERC dialog?


It could be that the part has those pins off of the 50mill grid. You may have to “fix” the symbol.