ERC Fail. Power pin has limit resistor in series

Hi, My first posting to the forum, so I hope this is in the best area (sorry if its not).

I am using version 5.1.8-1 and have a LDC-016N002L (LCD1) in my schematic. I get the following ERC error:
“Pin connected to other pins, but not driven by any pin
@(X/Y): Pin 15 (power input) of component LCD1 is not driven (Net89)”

I know the issue is I have a current limiting resistor connected between the power supply (VDD) and pin 15 which is the Anode of the LCD back light. This means pin 15 is not directly connected to VDD and I am assuming why its failing ERC.

For me the dirty fix is to change pin 15 of the LCD to passive, job done. BUT is there a correct way to go about this to resolve the above ERC? keeping the resistor in circuit? VDD is set as a power flag by the way.

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KiCad don’t understand circuits it only checks rules. If you use for example ferrite beads on power line going to each IC you will have to add Power Flag after each of them. It is the correct way to go.
My way is to not run ERC - gives me good looking schematics and 100% no errors generated :slight_smile:

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Perfect - thanks for the very fast reply. It worked!!

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