ERC errors from connector with multiple Power Outputs

I am editing an existing KiCAD design and am new to KiCAD. I made some small modifications and kicked off the ERC which came back with errors:

Power Output of component P1 (pin D36) is connected to Power Output of component P1 (Pin D38).

This connector already existed in the design and the part library for this component does define these pins as power outputs. When adding a new connector I would normally define connector pins as passive (note: this connector was already existing in the design). However this connector is a huge FMC connector for a Xilinx board so I can see why the designer wanted to nail down the pin types of every pin.

Apologies if this issue has come up before but is there a way of allowing ERC to allow the connection of a Power Output with a value of +3V3 to be connected to another Power Output with the same value of +3V3.

I am aware of the rule of having only one power output. But surely when you have multiple pins from a connector that provides power then this is a common case that breaks this rule i.e. multiple pins are used to provide the current.

What is the best resolution - I do not like to turn off ERC

Best (easiest / only) solution I know is to copy the connector to a new library, edit it with the library editor and set the conflicting pins to passive.

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Thanks @paulvdh. Yes you are right - this solves the issue. Library edit the connector component and have only 1 pin set as Power Output and make the rest of the (same) power pins (of that voltage) Passive.

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