ERC error "pin not connected"

Hi, I have below routing problems:

Probably the basic problem, the symbol and the schematic use different grids and the wire end and the pin end don’t meet.

This indeed looks like the same old limitation of Eeschema.
The root cause is that attachment points of pins have to line up with endpoints of lines for Eeschema to recognize the connection. If Eeschema recognizes the connection the small circles and squares disappear.

The workaround is very simple. All schematic symbols are designed to line up on a grid of 50mill. So if you set the grid size back to the default of 50 mill, move the symbols and redraw the wires the end points will line up perfectly again.

Grit setting is in:
Eeschema / View / Grid Settings

have dubble checked that. the grid is the same, but still error?

thanks alot :slight_smile:

In the picture I can see that the green rectangle and the red circle (the endpoints of the wire and the pin) don’t coincide perfectly.

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Now, the routing problem is gone but now I got this problem insted:

You use the power output flag with a pin which itself works as a power output flag. The pin should be marked as power output only if it provides power. If it’s marked, there should be no other power output pins or flags in the same net.

This is what it stands in the introduction book:

“It is now necessary to add a ‘Power Flag’ to indicate to kicad that power comes in from somewhere.
Press the a key, select ‘List All’, double click on the ‘power’ library and search for ‘PWR_FLAG’. Place two
of them. Connect them to a GND pin and to VCC as shown below.”

It doesn’t describe a situation where a pin is already a power output. That text is context dependent.

But error message says that J1 pin1 is power_out so KiCad is already told that to this net power comes from somewhere. Kicad don’t accepts power coming from several sources to one net. Only one power-out can be at one net.

thanks! now it works fine :slight_smile:

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