ERC / DRC user survey

Hi all,

The development team would like feedback from users on the ERC and DRC functionality of KiCad. We’d like to know what KiCad gets right, and what features are missing that you need.

The data from this anonymous survey will help us prioritize development efforts related to ERC and DRC. While we make no promises about whether or when any particular feature will be implemented, we will make our best effort to include user feedback in our specifications for the ERC and DRC upgrades that are planned for KiCad 6.0

Here’s the survey link:

Thanks for your help,



This is awesome! I love that the developers are asking for feedback like this and hope everyone takes the survey!


Will it corrupt your survey if somebody responds multiple times?

The survey asks, “What features or capabilities are missing from the current implementation?” and “What features or capabilities are especially useful or impressive in the current implementation?”. Sitting here in the lunchroom, I can jot down a response or two, but I suspect that next week, when I start to update a certain board and have KiCAD open in front of me, that other ideas will come to mind.


No, you can submit as many times as you’d like. To avoid corrupting the user stats, just leave the questions on the second page (about how you use KiCad / what OS you use) blank when you submit more than once.

Is there a deadline of when you intent to evaluate the answers?

I will close the survey at the end of May

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