ERC disable "pin not driven" warning without powerflag

Is there a possibility in the ERC to disable warnings about

Pin connected to other pins, but not driven by any pin

without the use of powerflags and/or net ties and without changing the powerpins to passive?

I simply don’t want it to appear in the ERC report, that’s all.


you can turn that check off under schematic setup -> pin conflict map.

Please don’t, this is here to help you. Having worked at a place where they set all pins to passive with a leading eCAD package simply because not all designers know how to use the program (resulting in board issues…), having such checks are worth their weight in copper!

use the powerflags, I quite like this concept in KiCad and it has saved me a number of times

Thanks but somehow I can’t find that setting. I’m using 5.1.8 and I checked all menu entries twice…

If you open the ERC check, there is a tab page with the ERC matrix.
You can click on any square to cycle through its settings. It is in:

Eeschema / Inspect / Electrical Rules Checker / Options

[Edit] Naibs hint is for KiCad-nightly V5.99 and it is the same matrix as the link I gave which works for V5.1. Just the Icons have gotten uglier.

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uuur good point :frowning: I am on my gentoo system so it is 5.99. saying that it took me a bit to find it as quite a few things have moved.

the 5.1.x is like this:

but again: PLEASE keep it, its there to help you not hinder you.

I agree with that.
But I also understand the reasons for wanting to disable it. If you have several filters in your power supply going to different sections and/or work with net-ties or jumpers then the PWR_FLAG symbols quickly go in the direction of the bad side on the annoyance scale.

The PWR_FLAG also become more annoying if your schematic gets too crowded. (That creeps in, you may not have noticed it). Going to a hierarchical design over more sheets can remedy this.

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No cigar.

I tried like this:

I still get the warnings.

Exactly this. In my opinion, it makes the schematic look amateurish.

Ouwch, silly me.
Just realized that it is not in the matrix at all. The matrix defines what sort of connections get flagged, but the “not driven by any pin” error/warning is triggered by something that is not there.

In itself I like the PWR_FLAG and the extra checks it enables, but it feels only partially implemented. Recently I read an idea about telling KiCad that some pins are shorted for ERC purposes (Filter inductors, jumpers, net-ties, 6x6mm push buttons, etc) but this is not implemented. In KiCad V5.99 there is a “rules based” DRC check, and maybe this can be done with a similar system for ERC.

A solution I have not.

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Ok, no problem. I just wanted to know if there’s a setting.
Thank you both for wanting to help.

A maybe-related feature request:

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