ERC conflict between pins on no-fit devices

I have three different devices that could be fitted to my board (welcome to 2022 component shortages), all of which have their outputs tied together.

I get an ERC error because three outputs are connected. These are library parts so I’d rather avoid making copies and changing the pin types, but that’s an option.

Is there any other way to resolve this? I could disable that specific check I suppose. Or use resistors to separate the nets, but I’d rather not do that. Anything I missed?

Anything I missed?

  • Just exclude the violation (RMB-click on error-marker → context-menu → exclude marker)
  • leave the ERC-error. You know why the error is there. It will not influence the board-layout.
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Thanks, is that Kicad 6? I will have to upgrade when this project is finished.

Thanks, is that Kicad 6?


I will have to upgrade when this project is finished

I recommend strongly (to upgrade, and also to upgrade after project-finish).

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