Environment variables for 3D model

Goodmorning everyone. I have a problem with environment variables in managing 3D models.
I use version 5.8.1 on windows 10 pro.
I state that I know and have evaluated all aspects and being absolutely not recommended to use project libraries contained within the project itself and the same applies to 3D models, but I would need it to be so.

If I put my folder as origin in the footprint editor it is loaded correctly with the variable
$ {KIPRJMOD} and I see the 3D representation.
When I then use PCBNEW, the 3D representation is not loaded, because, although in the properties of the footprint the variable $ {KIPRJMOD} is correctly indicated, it does not work. It is necessary to indicate the path of the 3D file locally on the PC, eliminating the possibility of having everything in the same project and usable by different PCs.
Is it a bug or a limitation that I can’t understand?
Thank you all.

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