Elphel Teardrops patch for 4.0.0


I made some changes to the known Elphel patch for teardrops in Kicad, in order to make it work with version 4.0.0. It seems to work OK.



I think you should post the patch to kicad developers list…
It is a nice feature to be added to kicad :smile:

It was submitted a while ago be the original author of the patch.



It seems that there were a segmentation fault…
May be now this prob has been overtaken by the new kicad code…
I would give a try to submit it…

Nice stuff. Once I’m done with my current project and able to upgrade my KiCAD I have to try this as at the moment I’m doing those manually, but deselecting ‘keep tracks at 45’ and ‘don’t snap to centres’ is a bit cumbersome if this one here does it all :slight_smile:

Good!I hope teardrops could be a basic funtion in the next KiCAD version.

Teardrops make a real improvement to manufacturing yields with fine tracks and small pads. I have had to reject several boards over the years where poor drilling has nearly severed the connection. I hope the segfaulting is fixed now

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Any updates to Teardrops ??
Certainly would be nice to see in KiCad