Eliminate project name for Fabrication output

Is there a way to eliminate the project names from every Fabrication output that is generated? We have a standard set of filenames we use when sending out for quotes, simple and descriptive. So after I generate the outputs I have to remove the project name from the filename to follow our standards.

The Fabrication Output gets the Project Name from the Name of the Project so, just do a ‘Save As’ with a new name - it will leave the Original as-is.

Screenshot of Gerber… showing the name (which, is ‘Untitled’ for this example)

That is not a bad idea and will use it the next time. It would be nice to have a check box under General Options in the Fab output box to remove project name from outputs.

Thank you

In the meantime there are various utilities for renaming files in a batch you can run before packaging the files to send to a fab. For example under Linux there is rename.

rename -v ProjectName Untitled ProjectName*.gbr

in the getber output directory should do the job.

But note that the project name is also in the Gerber metadata. A separate batch edit step could eliminate those too. So maybe you should use the Save As method.

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Not so fast…

If you Change the Name by ReNaming the files, only the File Names are changed - the Gerbers/etc retain the Original names.

Go ahead Export Gerbers. Then, Rename the file, then Open the Gerber in a Text-Editor and you’ll see the Original name intact.

You’re right, it does but I don’t think the board houses will have any issues with this. The engineer I worked with on this PCB gave his project a very descriptive 33 character name so the name of these files were rather long.

My mistake - I interpreted your statement as implying you needed Specific names such as to mask Product, Client…etc names…