Elektuur (& IEC/IEEE) Style Symbols, Octagonal Pads/Vias, Oktizer Plugin

To keep the topic open: Did you recognize the Elektuur shadow of the IC symbols ?
Right and bottom line of any rectangular IC box have slightly increased line width for old schematics.
To allow symbol rotation, this would require some code to modify the line width if not available for all
rotations in the library.

Yes, but they introduced it after they started to draw with computers (i.e. the more “angular” designs) and I’ve limited it to the traditional round pen drawings. I’ve used used 2 (thinner, filled) lines for the boxes (for sharper outside corners) but the shadows, while looking very nice, seem to be too tedious (it’s probably easier to post-process a plotted PDF with Inkscape by adding drop-shadows) but I haven’t looked at the new schematic capabilities of KiCad 7 yet… Could maybe just add some shadows as own symbols for overlay, though…

Can remember an article about introducing CAD @ Elektuur but cannot find it. Believe it was a DOS program called ULTIboard what came from a Netherland based company located in Naarden

For resolving your zonefill issue, I would suggest you make a minimal reproducible example that can be tested through scripting console. Much more chances that devs will be able to easily reproduce and fix the issue or tell you what you are doing wrong if you are.

Update for post #45 above for KiCad 7.0.0 (same as last item in PCM !183):
kicad-oktizer-0.7.0.zip (8.5 KB) or oktizer.py (24.1 KB)

Update for post #45 above for KiCad 7.0.1 (same as last item in PCM !185):
kicad-elektuur-symbols-0.7.0.zip (85.0 KB)

Note that libraries are automatically added in KiCad 7.0, with a PCM_ prefix, if so configured in Preferences → Preferences… → Plugin and Content Manager).