Electronic component

Hi anyone can help to find out this image below which component this …
This is Bluetooth speaker PCB board , Please see the attachment file


I am not really sure this is the right forum for such a question. You might want to ask on a repair forum or a general electronics forum.

This forum is intended to help people with the printed circuit board design software KiCad. (It is a community help forum specifically for that software.)
One option might be the sister forum https://forum.contextualelectronics.com/
Or maybe even better the repair section of http://www.eevblog.com/forum/

You might want to make a better closeup as the component you circled could be anything. (Such an IC package is used for a very wide range of components. The only thing i can say from the photo is that it is something that is packaged in a SOIC-8.)
You can simply read what is written on it and google that.

looks identical to U7 its obviously a output amplifier for the Right channel

Looks like it will be a Class D bridged output speaker driver.
The text on the lower chip is unreadable in the photo.
The PCB is a mess, changing the blown IC won’t be easy

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