Electrical rule check problem

In this project:
I get the ERC error “Pin 8 (Passive) of component R87 is unconnected”, and multiple times. But the pin is connected. I’m using KiCad 5.1.9.

On the schematic there is indeed a wire connected to that pin (and to all the corresponding other hierarchical sheets), but then the net disappears into several layers of redirection.

KiCad can not know were you want to connect those pads to, and just places the error message directly on the pin. Very likely the other end of the net is open. Most likely cause is that you made some error in redirecting all those buses.

So, R87, pin 8 is connected to the “pin15” label on an io-module2/io16-6 sheet.
Then it gets connected to g15,
Then it gets connected to port111.
Then it goes to the connector sheet.

And on the connector sheet, there is no corresponding c111.
However, c119 is connected twice to the connector, so I assume that J19 pin 40 is labeled incorrectly.

Also, why put all connectors on a single hierarchical sheet?
From what I gather, it would be more logical to place three connectors on a hierarchical sheet, and then include that sheet three times.


Thanks, this was the problem.

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