Electric rules checker error in schematic editor

Hi all,

I’m struggling with an error I’m getting on the rules checker in the schematic error. It may be really obvious and if so I apologise, but I’ve been staring at it for an hour and getting nowhere. I’ve pasted the schematic and rules checker box in below. It’s the first error, saying there’s a conflict between pins.

Any help gratefully received.

This is just warning you that the OUT- pins of M1 and M2 are both configured as output and connected together. This is usually not a good idea, for example connecting the outputs of two power regulators can in the worst case short circuit or backfeed current or do other unwanted things.

I can’t see the name of these components (WP1504?), so I can’t look up if what you’re doing is a good idea or not. If you’re sure that this is fine, you can simply ignore the error or set the pin types to simething else, maybe passive.

It’s kinda weird that you’re connecting IN directly to OUT, ut grounding both sides might of course be okay in sime cases.


This is what I get when googling:

Seems OK if you revolve it through 180 degrees.

One symbol reads WP1584 which when googled is either a step-down regulator (MP1584) or a pantry cupboard.
The other symbol reads MP1584.

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