Electr. Rule Check -- getting rid of warning


I get a warning when I connect a bidirectional pin to GND. The connection is correct.

Aside from just ignoring the warning knowing that it’s not a mistake in the schematic, is there some way to “tell” KiCAD that that connection is ok so that it does not produce that warning?


Two options: change the bidirectional pin to power input or unspecified or uncheck the warning for power output-bidirectional in the table under ERC options tab.


I thought of doing something along these lines for this particular case; but it’s not the right thing to do in general. The pin is just a pin that, on power-on, comes as an input; but it can then be re-configured by software as either input or output. So, strictly speaking the pin should be marked bidirectional.

Ok, I like this one better — I still don’t like the idea of making a change for the type of connections, as opposed to making a change for one particular connection. At least the change is not persistent, so that’s much better.