Eeshema library editor should check pins before check-in

I created a new symbol and by mistake had two pins with the same pin number. I had connection problems in layout that were not obvious how to fix. It would be helpful to have a DRC for the schematic symbol that gives a list of pins that flags missing and duplicate pins.

There is a checker in the library editor, the Show pin table dialog is also useful.

In common with the rest of KiCad, the checker must be run by the user, they are not automatic.


Thanks - I learn something new every day! Kim.

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Good to know (now) that there is a separate checker in the component editor. I’d assumed that eeschema’s DRC would catch things like duplicate pin numbers, but it doesn’t - I had a board go all the way to fab, passing all DRC checks, only to find that some pins were simply left unconnected due to a duplicate pin in the schematic symbol. Live and learn…

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Been there and done that, got the T shirt and a broken board :head_bandage:

I think the netlist import will raise a warning if the number of pins in the symbol does not agree with the number of pins in the footprint. (or if there is a number that does exist in one of them but not the other.)

That’s what Bodge Wire is for :slight_smile: Fortunately I’m only making four units and the patch is not difficult.