Eeschema won't open, fresh install on Win7

Hello- Just downloaded and installed KiCad (v (5.1.8)-1) on a Win7 system. KiCad will start and allow me to create a new project. When trying to start Eeschema, the program comes up, but the cursor continues to spin and the program uses 25% of the CPU, but never allows the user to take control of the program. Clicking on the window results in “Program not responding” and having to shut if down manually. PCBNew will start without any problems. Same thing happens if I try to start only Eeschema via the start menu. Have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with same results.



Sorry, I can t offer a solution :thinking: but I experienced this after updating from 5.1.6 to 5.1.7.
KiCad runs but terminates when starting Eeschema.
(This happened with LINUX Mint). However, after one reboot the problem was gone. Maybe there is some initialization problem for Eeschema ?

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