EEschema withlist (7.99) schematic compare

I think schematic compare would be good.
Pretty much like “Diff Symbol with Library”, however, only visual and comparing schematic instead of symbol.
Also with synchronized scroll (if view side by side) or “color block” mark for marking the difference.
This will be useful for comparing two schematic. Also it will be better if integrated with backup function so we can compare the current version with backup version.


Is this a picture comparison? What about the connections? And why a python again?) Why can’t I add this feature to kicad 8 itself?

sugenganthos: I think schematic compare would be good.

Some others (developers included) also found that idea interesting: Graphical comparison engine (#3865) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

No work has started yet on that feature, so it’s still waiting for a free (or new) developer tot ake on that task.

m862: Why can’t I add this feature to kicad 8 itself?

Because you rant to much in this forum instead of implementing features. I have seen no source-code contribution from you, and also no real good bugreport (or I have missed the few good articles between your many ranting-stories).
As was told many times: constructive critic is helpful, ranting is not.

Sorry to all other readers, but after many weeks I lost my patience with m862.


Unfortunately, any constructive criticism leads to 3 response options in different options… 1 We can’t do it hard 2 What did you want from free cad? 3 Kicad cannot be compared to other cad because it is a forum about kicad… Next comes the closure of the topic…

Plenty of things got implemented in kicad because of constructive criticism and feature requests.

Sometimes devs communicate “this is not trivial to implement and we choose to focus our efforts elsewhere for reasons” and you read “we can’t do it (because) it’s hard”. That’s a reading comprehension problem, not a kicad problem.

Sometimes people point to software that costs 4 digit numbers per seat per year and say “hey they have this feature and kicad doesn’t or does it differently and therefore wrong, which means kicad is only good for amateurs”. That’s not even in the realm of constructive criticism but poster will think so.

Sometimes this unproductive behavior pattern is repeating so often that people get tired of seeing it and close such threads since they never go anywhere.

Here’s how open source works: users don’t get to demand anything. Nothing at all. There is no contract, written or implied that obligates the devs, OSS community or the universe to deliver you your wants.

Some person or group of people put their time and effort and created something that they find useful or simply cool and shared it on the internet. You can use it if you want or ignore it. You can modify it for your needs. If you don’t have the skills or time to put the work yourself then you can hire someone willing to do it for you. If you don’t want to pay for it you can ask for it.

Usual human interaction rules apply: if you ask for something politely chances of your request being granted increase. If you convince someone that it will benefit them too, they will ask for it too. If you convince of the benefits someone with skills and time to do it, chances of them doing it will increase. A lot of other factors will have an effect on if/when something gets implemented, among those: how difficult it is, how disruptive it is, how clear the benefits are, how it aligns with overall goals of the project, and so on.

So when you get picky about something you want already being done but “why python again”, remind yourself: you got something for nothing. And when you ask “why can’t I add this to kicad” know that you can, nothing is stopping you. Code is on github and gitlab, have at it. Literally tens of thousands of man-hours of work, made available to the public, for free. Add to it, or not, work with the community or not, it’s your choice. But rants and demands will not get you far.


Write then that these funds that were not collected enough to maintain existing functions and add new ones… To do this, you need to continue the options… If it is not possible to add new (full-fledged) ones, then you want not to break what worked earlier from version to version… Initially, doing what is normal will not work the idea is not understandable…

I think the time has come AGAIN
Second time in a week is not a great record.

Is it normal to convince that it is normal to compare scheme differences in pictures without references through a python?

You have to get a better machine translation program, I can’t parse half of what you wrote.
I’ll respond to the readable part:

Broken existing features are the highest priority and get fixed very fast. New features are also added all the time, read corresponding thread. If those are not the features you want that’s another thing…

Yes of course, but testing takes time and who has unlimited time ? with lots of money and people things still get missed in testing, with very little money and people doing this for free it’s really hard to make sure things don’t get broken during development.

You can help by testing the development (nightlies) versions and reporting back what you find.

Congratulations @m852

Please check the “Likes” at the end of @mf_ibfeew s post.

You have managed to upset or annoy EIGHT of the most active Kicad Developers.
Maybe it is time you moved to a different CAD program.


This is getting tedious. We are here to move the project forward. If you don’t appreciate the effort or dislike the direction, then please, just throw your lot in elsewhere.

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And non-constructive ones derail the thread and forum as a whole.

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