Eeschema Unique Nets By-Sheet

How do I use net names to uniquely label massively repetitive circuit designs? I have a way that almost works, using sheets that fold/unfold busses, but it doesn’t seem to be a kosher solution given the side-effects I’m seeing. Here’s my schematic for reference:

My process so far includes making judicious use of hierarchical labels and repeated sheets to:

  1. Attach a “Folder” sheet to each triad of input pins (+, -, GND)

  2. Run that bus to the sheet with repetitive elements (in my case, filters for 16 differential channels)

  3. Use an “Unfolder” sheet to route wires to output pins

This mostly works (with side-effects: net names come from the alphabetically sorted unique name of attached elements, and nets are sorted in non-Windows fashion so net /2/... comes before /10/..., so name your repetitive sheets A-Z and everything else with a later-sorted character (e.g. brackets []), however the ERC warns that the labels aren’t connected to anything in the folders/unfolders (which they’re not, they just unfold the bus). Other tactics like unfolding the bus in the main sheet don’t work since the unfolded labels will be redundant (error: label not a member of the bus, because the bus actually contains labels like <Prefix>_1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8.<Suffix> i.e. Eescheema tags on underscores and sequential numbers to uniquify labels)

Enhancements Requested

If what I’m doing is crazy, appreciate the guidance, otherwise here’s what I’d propose changing/fixing:

  1. Allow redundant labels in the same hierarchy level, so long as unique nets can be established
  2. Allow manual prefixing of nets originating from some hierarchical sheet (or some setting to control inheritance or something)
  3. Fix label expansion uniquifier to append an incrementing number, not just more numbers (literally right now, each of my hierarchy sheets has busses coming out with labels like AI.F+, AI_1.F+, AI_1_2.F+, …, AI_1_2_3_4_5_6_7.F+, not like just AI_12.F+, which would make more sense).

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