EESCHEMA symbol change: update "Value" or not?

I’ve opened the ticket on Gitlab, to store the user choice for fields to be updated when changing symbols from the library.
Right now, all fields except Reference designator and Value are updated.
Not updating RefDesignator is an obvious choice.
However, I believe that in most cases when changing the symbol I’d prefer to update the value to the one defined in Library.
The use cases I see:

  • change one generic symbol to the same one (like change R -> R) – rather rare situation, usually it’s enough to update Value, Footprint, etc.
    However when update e.g CAP to CAP_POLAR the value might be preserved as it makes sense for both polarized and non-polarized part.

  • change one generic symbol to another (like change R -> L), leaving original value will lead to data discrapancy,

  • change one fully specified symbols to another, where not updating Value lead to data discrepancy.

I see more use cases to update Value from library, but there might be more workflows in use.
Please share your experiences.

Discussion on Gitlab:

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