EEschema stuck while loading

I’ve noticed that this shows up every so often, and it happens to be my ill fortune to have it happen to me.

I downloaded Kicad 5.1.5 for 64 bit Windows, which installed quickly with no problems. However, when I attempted to run EEschema, the program hanged during the load and would not run. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the application with no change of result, and have read the forums and found no useful advice on how to resolve the issue.

Can someone give me any guidance on how to get this part of Kicad running because otherwise, the application is useless! Would I have better luck with the 32-bit edition?

The 64 bit version is far more widely used and therefore tested than the 32 bit one.
When you installed KiCad, did you just install it (correct) or “run as administrator”?

Have you tried the workarounds in the bug report? :

Hope it helps.

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