Eeschema sensitive to Apple mouse [Mac, OSx]

I just installed KiCad on my Mac and was trying out eeschema. I am having issues with both eeschema and Library Component Editor using the Apple mouse. I barely touch the top of the mouse and the screen zooms either in or out. I am trying to just move the screen and am unable to do this.

Is anyone else having this issue? Are there settings I’m not seeing. I have looked through some of the document but I haven’t seen anything about moving the screen around. I’m used to a hand being displayed to indicate moving. All I see is cross hairs.

I would appreciate any feedback on this.


I also don’t see any horizontal or vertical scroll bars on the eeschema window for Mac that I see on the Windows version

Not a Mac OSx guy here, but ‘search’ does find some threads that sound familiar:

As Joan_Sparky pointed out this problem has been identified previously - I think the latest nightly build versions have sorted this though. I am presently running 4.0.3 - rc8 - stable on El Capitan with no jumping problems. Additionally - there are a number of preference settings in eeschema allowing panning/zooming/middle mouse and trackpad functions in this version which might help.

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