EESchema printing incorrect schematic

I have a schematic with part that are on top of other parts (it’s a high level schematic without a PCB. When I print it the part that are on top of other parts don’t show up on the printed page. Anybody know why?


You’ve been ‘promoted’ in case someone asks you to upload or post a few screen shots. It will make life easier. :wink:

The least you should do is provide your kicad version and if possible a screenshot of what you have in kicad.

Or even better:
Print to a .pdf file and post that here.

Instead of Eeschema / File / Print you can also use Eeschema / File / Plot and then plot to a .pdf file

A screenshot has the benefit that one can select what to show. This should allow sharing even if the full schematic is under an NDA.

Printed_sch KiCad_sch

The one on the left is the printed version, the one on the right is the KiCad version.

I am using Version: (5.1.6)-1, release build

This makes no sense.

Is it possible that the parts are there, but are “underneath” the others?


Well, it is a possibility i guess. Try to move hiden part in order to leave half of its body clearly visible and check if it is shown then.

My guess is that it is the background colour of the symbol graphics so if you can work without it then this might be a thing to do.
In general i highly doubt there is a way to reliably change the draw order for symbols as KiCad is not really meant for having symbols on top of each other (in a normal schematic this is something one really avoids)

Thanks all, I moved the parts that were on top to straddle the bottom parts and the half of the little parts that was outside the lower part showed up. So, they are underneath the other parts. What is strange is that I did the same thing elsewhere on the schematic and they showed up.

So I guess this one is solved. Thank you everyone.

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