Eeschema: print-to-file output path not saved/remembered between sessions

Eeschema 6.0.4
When printing to a file, the output path (once navigated) is remembered only until KiCad is closed, and then that path is lost; the next time KiCad is instantiated, the output path reverts to a default.

I don’t mind using the default filename “”, but re-navigating to a remote network path/folder, which is a dozen layers down, is laborious IMO.

Is there an alternate workflow I should be using?

Good point.
That annoys me as well. In 6.0.4 it’s not even remembered between prints (Lubuntu). Every time tediously navigating to the desired directory is incredibly time-consuming.

Open a new issue on gitlab indicating the most recently used path in this case is not saved. These types of issues (especially MRU paths) are usually fixed very quickly once they’re reported.

It’s been this way for many years which means it was implemented a long time ago, and just never changed after that, and making an issue out of it on gitlab is a good start t bring some change in that regard.

I’d also prefer to have an initial default of the current project directory for this.

Added “initial” to the default.

As “initial default”, please, and no “output.pdf” file name. Ideal would be that that last path is shown and the file name can be edited.
GitLab: no thanks… then I’d rather live with the current situation.
But perhaps the OP has the courage to enter the GitLab world of “streamlined user-friendliness”.

Yes, of course, I forgot “initial” (Fixed).

Ideally KiCad would get a default template (or multiple) project that can be edited and which is used to initialize new projects. Then you could set this also to your personal preference for all new projects.

I didn’t see a way to mark this as a RFE, rather than a bug. I’m unfamiliar with gitlab.

Radio Free Europe?
Request for Evidence?
Or, maybe:

The KiCad developers themselves judge incoming issues and add different tags to them as they see fit. This will probably get a feature request tag.

That’s to my mind a completely different issue, but also problematic.

Suggesting the last path when printing to file should be easy.

Sorry, I assumed something I shouldn’t’ve.

RFE = Request for Enhancement

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Don’t use TLAs when INN. Typing is not that difficult. And it doesn’t make you look smart.

Precise and exact communication is valuable, never forget that.

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Like most who use TLAs on a regular basis, I used it thinking I’d be understood, and in the circles I run in, ‘RFE’ is both a normal and expected usage for the expansion.

I forgot I was in Monrovia, when I am used to being in Spokane. Context switching isn’t always fast enough. As a newbie – here – I can expect a bit of slack to be cut.

I am not smart, and I finally got around to knowing this; it took a while.

To be pedantic, “TLA” is not a TLA. It’s a TLI – three-letter initialism.

It’s an acronym if you can say it as a word, like RADAR. Which is a FLA, and at this point it’s a neologism radar (no capitals) and not so neo!

If you say the individual letters, like LCD, it’s an initialism.

(If you say “LCD display,” you’re being redundant.


Thanks for setting that right.

I was getting very confused what the link was between those Three Letter Agencies I don’t trust and International Nonproprietary Names. :smirk:

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