EESchema Net Report?

I have found a lot of discussions on net names in EESchema, but nothing that answers my specific question, which is:
Is there a way to generate a net name report to be used for verifying connectivity? This is a common DRC tool in every other schematic tool that I have ever used, so it must be here somewhere.
The main purpose is to verify that I don’t have mis-named nets somewhere that will create disconnects (for example, P3V3 somewhere and 3V3 elsewhere accidentally).
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It looks like File > Export > Netlist allows you to define additional generators. From a little experimentation, the generator is sent the XML form of the schematic, and the element <nets> contains the netlist. It looks like this:

    <net code="1" name="+5V">
      <node ref="C11" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C12" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C13" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C14" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C15" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C16" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C17" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C18" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C19" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="C20" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="D1" pin="1" pinfunction="K" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="J1" pin="1" pinfunction="Pin_1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="J4" pin="2" pinfunction="Pin_2" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="J5" pin="2" pinfunction="Pin_2" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="J6" pin="2" pinfunction="Pin_2" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="J7" pin="2" pinfunction="Pin_2" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="JP1" pin="1" pinfunction="A" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="JP2" pin="3" pinfunction="B" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="JP3" pin="1" pinfunction="A" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="R1" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="R6" pin="1" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="RN1" pin="1" pinfunction="common" pintype="passive"/>
      <node ref="U1" pin="11" pinfunction="VCC" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="U1" pin="24" pinfunction="~{WAIT}" pintype="input"/>
      <node ref="U2" pin="28" pinfunction="VCC" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="U3" pin="28" pinfunction="VCC" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="U4" pin="20" pinfunction="VDD" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="U5" pin="13" pinfunction="IEI" pintype="input"/>
      <node ref="U5" pin="24" pinfunction="VDD" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="U6" pin="14" pinfunction="VCC" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="U7" pin="1" pinfunction="~{R}" pintype="input"/>
      <node ref="U7" pin="10" pinfunction="~{S}" pintype="input"/>
      <node ref="U7" pin="13" pinfunction="~{R}" pintype="input"/>
      <node ref="U7" pin="14" pinfunction="VCC" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="U7" pin="4" pinfunction="~{S}" pintype="input"/>
      <node ref="U8" pin="16" pinfunction="VCC" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="U9" pin="14" pinfunction="VCC" pintype="power_in"/>
      <node ref="X1" pin="14" pinfunction="Vcc" pintype="power_in"/>
    <net code="2" name="/0x0000">
      <node ref="U2" pin="20" pinfunction="~{CE}" pintype="input"/>
      <node ref="U8" pin="4" pinfunction="O0" pintype="output"/>

So somebody might have written an XSLT style sheet or Python program to take the XML and output a report in the desired format. Good luck.

You can also just update the board from schematic and then use the PCB Net Inspector tool.

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