Eeschema net highlighting

From Mano

Will it be possible to highlight label trace with different colors in schematics? to label and distinguish between analog ground, high current, noisy track, etc

Yes. In Eeschema, you can assign a color, wire style and thickness to individual nets as well as override the settings on a per-wire basis.

Something I thought of while watching a recording of the presentation:
Do (or can) the colors of the nets in EESchema get linked to the colors of the ratsnests in PCBNew?

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No they do not. The netclasses are carried over but not colors. If this is a feature you’d like, you could consider opening a wishlist issue over at

These are explicitly two different colors right now because many people use a light background in eeschema and dark background in pcbnew and the same color may not be optimal in both places. (and also, people use net colors for different reasons and may not want the same color in both places) It would be easy to make a “copy from board color” and “copy from schematic color” feature if there’s interest

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Feature request submitted on gitlab.


Aaaaand KiCad Bot auto closed it because of invalid version information.

Anyone got the version info for one of the recent nightlies for me to use there to reopen the issue? Maybe best for one of the nightlies that has net highlighting enabled for both EESchema and PCBNew for context with the issue. I don’t have any nightlies installed (and don’t want to go through the hassle of a parallel install just to grab a valid version info block) on any of my machines.

I can do it a bit later. Remind me if it’s not there tomorrow…

By the way, just to reduce potential confusion for others: you’re talking about custom net and netclass colors, which is a different feature from net highlighting (we use “highlighting” to mean the tool that lets you brighten up a specific net temporarily) – the title of this thread and the original question used “highlighting” to mean “net colors” which is potentially confusing

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I believe you can find version info generators on warez sitez.

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That is correct. Reviewing my gitlab issue I (probably accidentally) avoided using the term “highlight”, so hopefully that is good. But when editing with a version string I’ll try to remember to make a point of clarification. :slight_smile: