Eeschema - How to center schematic on sheet? (solved)

I just made my first center schematic on sheet. Yaa. But it is off to one corner of the sheet.
How to move the schematic to the center of the sheet?

To Block Move:
Select a block by dragging an imaginary rectangle around the drawing (there is no visual feedback to indicate the selected block).
Then click on new location for the block’s bottom-right corner.


Please accept my praise & admiration for your initiative. You not only worked to find the answer to your own question, but you shared it here so others can benefit from your experience. Way to go!


P.S. - Some folks probably want to tell you that it doesn’t matter how you place the schematic diagram on the drawing sheet. In a totally mechanistic universe this may be true. But people not only appreciate and receive pleasure from things like aesthetics and composition, those intangible elements seem to actually help us communicate our creative thoughts and intent of our designs. While McLuhan’s phrase “The medium is the message” shouldn’t be extended to absurd extremes, the form and composition of how you present your ideas are not irrelevant to the ideas themselves.


Actually I am looking for a sort of same solution. I can recall Protel99 had a “Center drawing” function. And I do agree that technically it does not make any difference. But it gives it more a professional look.
The example attached just looks awful.

[](http://Schematic example)

Things have gone forward in 3 years, but there’s no “center drawing” function. However, eeschema shows a selection box while dragging the mouse. Selected items are highlighted. How much a dedicated function would actually help compared to selecting everthing and dragging?

(BTW, because development goes forward all the time it’s generally recommended to open a new thread instead of adding to a very old one.)