Eeschema Group Bus on mac

I am trying to create a group bus with EEschema on Version 5.1.2-1 using a mac.

When trying to create the label like shown in the instructions

I am not allowed to type spaces in the label box.

I also cannot find the Bus Unfold command.

Am I missing something or has the program changed and the user manual not been updated to show the changes?

Thank you

This is not a feature in the current stable release (So not anything in version 5.1.x). The bus in v5 can only be of the form common_prefix# (with # being a number beween n…m. The bus itself is then defined as common_prefix[n…m])

It will be in v6 and is already in the nightly builds (development snapshots). Is it a good idea to use a nightly build version?

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Thanks that helps.

Is there a way to know what in the user manual is a future feature and what is a current feature?

Well thats unfortunate…

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