Eeschema failed to load part libraries (nightly build)

Hi all.
Since “kicad-r8245.413008344-x86_64.exe”, when I open any schematic, Eeschema shows error message that the library file file can not be opened. Downgrading to “kicad-r8244.2237de015-x86_64.exe” removes the problem.
Here I must say, I use my own libraries, placed on other paths.
Can anyone have the same problem?

If you find a problem with the development (nightly) builds, please use the following link to look for recently raised bugs


Are those files actually on your hard drive at those locations?

Eeschema has no access to these files because the path is wrong.
It looks like Eeschema trying to use root KiCad path: D:\KiCad\ , then one of user defined path: C:\Users\Cezary...
Something went wrong in the code to merge paths and file names.

Thanks to all for your replies.
Fortunately a problem has disappeared with most recent nightly build (compilation r8265).
Best regards.