Eeschema, DRC: pin not connected warning

After some text editing in Eeschema Global labels, I am getting “pin not connected” warning from DRC.
These warnings were not there before I did the text editing. And, although I edited text in all labels, the warning is issued only for three global labels.

Re-editing the text in labels or deleting and re-creating the global labels does not make any difference.- the warning remains. Surprisingly, the warning “pin not connected” is issued always for the same global symbols.
The grid value is definitely set to 1.27mm (50.00mil).
I have added a screenshot to illustrate the problem.

The Kic210310 KiCad version info.pdf (69.4 KB) is as follows:

Can someone advise how to overcome this problem, please?
In case the actual schematic file is required to check the issue, please let me know.
Thanks and best regards

It’s ERC, not DRC, in eeschema BTW.

You are right. Many thanks for the correction.

Sounds to me like a type-o. Even if you have a label (of any type) attached to a pin, if there is no other of the same label elsewhere on the schematic that connects to a pin you will get a pin not connected error. Maybe you typed in something wrong where these signals are supposed to connect?

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I’m with: SembazuruCDE
Check the actual net and how many connections it has.
ERC violations are shown on a random pin of a net, and this is not always the location where the actual error occurs. (If the error resulted in those nets only having one pin, then there is no other place to show the error anyway.

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Oh, my God! I don’t know how I could overlook such an obvious behavior.
Of course, both of you are right. Thanks a lot for your simple explanation and help.

After rectifying my mistake as pointed out by you, the ERC is happy and satisfied :grinning:

Best regards

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