EEschema Destroyed my Project?

Hello everyone,

So I have spent about a month working on this schematic, I was just placing everything into one sheet as it made it easier to see the big picture. So today I wanted to make it into a hierarchy so it was easier to read for my boss.

I placed a hierarchical sheet and everything was fine for the first one, I imported the schematic and deleted what I didn’t want then saved under a different name. When I went back to the main schematic and tried adding a second hierarchical sheet it asked me if I wanted to reload or something like that (don’t quite remember the exact message but it was along those lines), I clicked yes then KiCAD crashed and now everything I try to open it it continues to crash. I can open the one hierarchical sheet I made tho.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m about to go away on Christmas vacation here and its looking like months worth of design have been destroyed in a click of a button…please help me!!!

a) for the future: make frequent backups & use version control on your project (e.g. git)

b) post error messages

c) if you think this is a bug, please file a bug report:

So…no Dropbox or Git checkins or backup copies? Just checking.

What version / OS are you on?

Finally, KiCad uses plain text files. Can you try starting with a fresh project/schematic and then copying the text from the schematic that is crashing into a new schematic (blank.sch) in a new project? This is what one of my schematic pages looks like:

Thanks for the input! I looked at the text file of my schematic and just deleted the part at the end which was the sheet I added in. It seems that I didn’t rename the new sheet to a different name so the program must’ve been getting confused.

I have it now backed up in three separate locations LOL!

Have a good holiday!