Eeschema copied component field values have ? appended

When I copy components in Eeschema, the field values are copied with a ‘?’ appended to them. E.g.: if I copy a 10K resistor, all the copies have a value of ‘10K?’ instead of ‘10K’ like one would expect. Is there a configuration setting to turn this off? And if not, can this be changed? It’s extremely annoying when you’re duplicating components or blocks and you then have to go back and edit the all the field values to remove all those ? marks.

It sounds like you are confusing the Reference field for the value field.

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I have checked a recent Windows Nightly and copying a component with a value and reference works as expected with value exactly copied and the reference becoming R?, waiting for annotation.

I think @1.21Gigawatts is right, have you made the original reference 10k, in which case copies will be 10k?

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I think you might be right. I’ve tried to repo this but haven’t had any luck. Weirdly, I was definitely editing the value field, not the reference field on the components so I’m not entirely sure what happened. If I see it again, I’ll try to pay closer attention to the exact set of steps that led to that state.