Eeschema Component Properties Fields

I did a search, and got a LOT of clutter with the topic.

  1. What is the easy way to add a new field to every type of part on an existing schematic?

For example, I have 50 resistors in the schematic, or differing values, and I’ve decided I want to add a tolerance value, or maybe a company part number field to each resistor.

  1. What fields do your parts currently have?

  2. (Slightly related, and this should be easy… ) How does the footprint “filter” work?

For example, I want a both a through hole and SMD footprint for a common 1/8thW resistor. Where does this information go, and what wildcards are used to keep the CvPcb engine happy?


Have a look at KiField

I have a house part number, the normal value and footprint fields.

You can add multiple footprint filters. Each filter can have wildcards and fixed places in there. (? stands for exactly one char, * for any number of chars including none)
Have a look at the footprint association section of the kicad library faq

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Thank you.

Like I said, a LOT of clutter in the search results I got. I figured that by now that there had to be a better way.

This is the information I was missing.

To add to Andy’s answer, if you change this setting in EESchema, all newly created parts (with the symbol editor) will carry this field as well.
For the parts you already got in the libs and schematics - KyField (as already mentioned) is your weapon of choice.