Eeschema BOM with CSV output doesn't create a .CSV file?

The BOM plugin dialog has a choice for “bom_csv_grouped_by_value”

This has the following description:

    Generate a csv BOM list.
    Components are sorted by ref and grouped by value
    Fields are (if exist)
    Item, Qty, Reference(s), Value, LibPart, Footprint, Datasheet

    Command line:
    python "pathToFile/" "%I" "%O.csv"

When Generate is clicked, it reports “success” but no .csv file is generated. There is an XML file.

The commandline seems to indicate the projectname.csv will be created, but it is not.

As I observe the text window, after Generate, it contains the following text:

Run command:
python "C:\Program Files\KiCad\bin\scripting\plugins/" "C:\Data\DEV\KiCad\ChromaPSU\ChromaPSU.xml" "C:/Data/DEV/KiCad/ChromaPSU/ChromaPSU"


So when executed, “%I” expands to “C:\Data\DEV\KiCad\ChromaPSU\ChromaPSU.xml”
“%O.csv” expands to “C:/Data/DEV/KiCad/ChromaPSU/ChromaPSU”

I do find a file ChromaPSU, and if I rename it ChromaPSU,csv, it appears to be properly formatted CSV.

Why is the CSV extension not included in the command?

You have to add the extension to the command yourself. By default command line only has “%O”, not “%O.csv”.

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