Eeschema auto-disabling component on netlist generation

I have a schematic, which includes several components that I’ve created myself.

One of these I’ve designated ‘U1’. But whenever I generate a netlist, it gets re-annotated to ‘#U01’ and so doesn’t appear in the netlist. I can then manually change it back to U1, but next time I generate a netlist, the same thing happens.

I’ve tried deleting the part and re-inserting it with a different annotation, but the same thing still happens.

Sorry if this is an obvious question - I’m a complete noob at KiCad.


A couple more details:

Running ‘Annotate Schematic’ doesn’t cause the annotation to change from U1 to #U01. But running the electrical rules checker does. The component does have a couple of unconnected pins, but then so do others in the schematic which don’t have this problem.

And ‘Assign Component Footprint’ also causes it.

That behaviour seems consistent with a power symbol?

Have you got “Define as power symbol” selected?

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