EESCHEMA and PCBNew Modern toolset Error


I’m trying to learn how to design PCB with this great software but I have found something strange.

This only seems to occur when I’m running Kicad in Linux, windows works fine.

Running KDE Neon
16 gb ram
4k monitor

If I select Modern Toolset (Fallback) seems to work fine.

Thank you

I don’t have much experience with Linux (no experience running KiCad in Linux), but for those who do it would help them if you informed us of the version if KiCad you are running. Please use the Copy Version Info button in the About window and paste the results here.

But, based on your last line:

There might be an issue with the OpenGL drivers in your version of Linux. (What Fallback means is software emulation. The selection Accelerated is referring to hardware acceleration, and only works if your video hardware drivers understand the OpenGL that KiCad uses.

It only allows me to upload one image per post. I must say that Graphic acceleration is enabled and working that is why I say it is an odd behaviour, it seems that kicad is rendering the display area as a 1080 monitor instead of a 4k monitor.

You will need to set your monitor scaling to 100%.

The wxWidgets toolset doesn’t provide a way to examine this setting on Linux. See

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Ooooh I see, I did not know where to check this. I will disable graphic acceleration until it is fixed in the future.


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