EEschema 6.0.8: DeMorgan functionality non-functional

I have big problems with the DeMorgan functionality when modifying/adding logic symbols in my (personal) libraries.

When adding, say, a Buffer, I can tick the box “has alternate body style (DeMorgan)”.
This is fine.
When I after making the primary symbol then go the “DeMorgan” symbol, I can edit that as well (with different graphic, inverted pins etc.).
But this also changes the primary symbol pins, leaving me with a primary symbol with DeMorgan pins, or a DeMorgan symbol with primary pins.
Playing around with the “Common to all units in symbol” or “Common to all body styles (DeMorgan)” brings no joy. It just makes the pins disappear from either one or the other symbol.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve solved the issue by editing the *.kicad_sym files directly in a text editor instead (which was actualy much faster, but dangerous), but that can’t really be the solution.


I agree that the name is somewhat “off-target”, but it’s a function I use a lot. “Alternate symbol” would probably be more to the point.
But your phrase “arbitrary symbol variants” made me see the light and understand why the pins are not transparent/transferable between the “DeMorgan” symbols.
Thanks again.

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