Editing Zone Coordinates Directly

Is there a plugin for editing the coordinates of a zone directly? I know that you can remove or insert corners (square indices) but I would like to be able to edit directly the coordinates without having to do it with a text editor which is unnecessarily cumbersome.

Perhaps this is a feature for the 6.0 build and is in 5.99? I am using 5.1.10

Thank you

I think this should be doable via the Python scripting console in KiCad.

It’s an area I’ve not delved in much. I did manage to start it Pcbnew / Tools / Scripting Console and type some simple commands from an example.

Over here is some info on working with zones from the scripting console:

I edit zones with mouse and I am seriously curious why editing it that way can be not enough easy/good for someone.

Depending on why you want to do this, you could also set the grid to the same size as the point is where you want to move a corner. This way you are sure you moved it to the correct location.

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The key to easy graphical placement of zones is the grid size, both for pcb edge AND for zones.

Use a coarse grid like 5mm when setting Edge Cuts and for the zones.

Btw, unless you have a complex zone, you can place the zone edges Outside the pcb edges. It is Very easy.

I agree with the responses above.
Working on a coarse grid generally makes it quite easy to draw some zones.

I still don’t know of a direct interface to do this (Neither in V6.1.x nor in V5.99)

I did bump into this though: https://github.com/NilujePerchut/kicad_scripts/tree/master/teardrops

It is made for adding teardrops to the PCB, but according to it’s description it uses zones to create those teardrops from Python, and you could use it as a basis for modifications.

Here is another one for creating circular zones: https://github.com/jsreynaud/kicad-action-scripts

It depends on how picky you are.

We have made some desings with difficult zones. We wanted a 6 decimal coordinate while the smallest grid is 0.001mm. Just for aesthetic reasons that nobody but ourselves will ever notice. No, we are not counting electrons :slight_smile: But if we wanted a 0.25 gap why stay with 0.250222 gap?
Editing corners would have been great. But I did not rise a bug (a wish) because I thought developers have better aims to improve the tool.

I can’t believe there is a pcb vendor that quotes 6 digits of accuracy on Anything. Lucky to get 2 digits on most parameters.

Fully agree. It is a matter of “taste” in the layout. We are aware that electric performance will not change, of course!

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