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Hello all, Can we edit the size of the already drawn schematic (like resizing the whole components into smaller or larger size)? Sorry if the question is not clear.


At the moment KiCad isn’t good in that respect, it’s fixed to absolute sizes. I have seen some developer discussion about getting rid of that “feature”, so in the future (v6) it may be possible.


A workaround might be to increase the worksheet size and simply print to smaller paper. (So use A3 instead of A4 worksheet but still print to A4 using your printer settings.)
This setting can be reached in File->Page Settings


ESP32-EVB_Rev_C.pdf (381.3 KB)

When I am trying to draw the schematic in the same way as in the link, only the ethernet section takes half of my page. So, my question is, is there any option to decrease the size of the components. Thanks in advance.


Sorry I uploaded the PDF. not the link.


Your pdf uses A2 sheet size. I already explained above how you can set this up in your project.
@eelik explained that you can not change symbol sizes from within eeschema but you can design your symbols such that they are smaller. (Will require you to make your own symbols)

The question however is why would you put everything on one page? If you print it you need a microscope to read it or a very large printer.
Split your design into logical units and put every unit into its own hierarchical sheet. Use either global labels or hierarchical pins to connect your schematic together.
If you design your hierarchical setup well you might even be able to reuse some parts multiple times. (Using hierarchical design elements allows you do work on multiple layers of abstraction.)


Great. Thanks a lot for the info. One more help, can you suggest me some websites, where I can learn the basics using some tutorials with step by step process. I have already done the ones on the kicad and sparkfun. Thank you again.


This one is from the guy running this forum: https://contextualelectronics.com/courses/getting-to-blinky/


Perfect! Thank you again.


For a few symbols, the standard library does contain a “small” version. For example, you can use R_Small instead of R for resistors, and C_Small instead of C for capacitors.


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