Editing footprints from Pcbnew

Version: (5.0.0), release build Windows 10

Just getting started with Kicad. I created a simple circuit and laid out the board successfully. Now I realize that I want to remove some of the silkscreen for some of the parts.

  • Can I or should I be doing this in Pcbnew?
  • How do I create a copy of the original footprints and customize them for just this project?

I have been trying different things but am not understanding how the libraries work.


You can open the footprint editor from PCBNew. Click on a part and hit ‘e’. Make your changes and save them to a new library of custom parts. Just taking a quick look I don’t see a way to make the outlines invisible. Just reference and designators.

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Thanks! I got the mod library setup and modding the new components.

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