Editing an existing track

More questions!

My first board is nearly there, so thanks to everyone for helping me out!

I decided to alter the track width, after routing it, of a power track and got a warning about it now being too close to a pad.

Is there a way to move the track or do I have to delete and re-track it? I was kind of expecting to be able to grab the track and move it about?

In the end I just deleted the bit of track that was too close and re-tracked it.

You can hover over the track segment in question and press “G” to grab it.


Move or Drag or Grab.
Hover mouse over track then use hot keys M or D or G.

You will find a list of hot keys under Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys.
There is heaps of information both in the Kicad Manual and in the FAQ at the top of this page.


Thanks! So easy when you know how!

Imagine how many "how to do"s you can find if you spend some time on reading the manuals, FAQs and Hotkeys list.

And don’t forget the search icon in the shape of a magnifying glass at the top of this forum, adjacent to the FAQs: very useful to find if the question has been asked previously.

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