Editing a footprint resets the network assignment

I go in to edit a footprint (which as I understand it lives on my board) and when I save it and return to the PCB, the nets I had assigned to pads in the footprint are reset. How can I avoid losing my nets?

The footprint in question is a footprint prepared by an external tool, in this case, Ergogen. I run Ergogen for my project and a kicad_pro and kicad_pcb are prepared. This workflow may very well be part of the issue. I would take the time to manually create a footprint on a fresh PCB, assign nets, then edit the footprint to try to reproduce the issue, but I am too new to Kicad to even do that.

I never heard of that. Apparently it is some keyboard layout generator.

  1. How does that thing work?
  2. Does this mean you do not have a schematic?
  3. How do nets get assigned to the footprints? You mention assigning nets to footprints on the PCB. Does Ergogen do that?
  4. What functions do you use to modify / update footprints?

If there are people here who have experience with Ergogen, that’s great and they can probably help you better then I can. But I am not familiear with Ergogen, nor is your current workflow very clear from your post. Good answers start with asking the right questions and some background info. People here are volunteering their time to help total strangers and to promote KiCad. Nobody is going to spend hours to learn some external tool just to help you.

I had a quick look at the Ergogen tool and I pulled this from the site "PCBs are exported by Ergogen as a KiCAD PCB file. KiCAD typically uses a “Project” structure to organize files. These projects will often include a schematic file defining how components are designed to connect in addition to the PCB file. Since Ergogen has already handled defining these nets, it foregoes the project file and the schematic and only exports the KiCAD PCB file. :scream:
I personally have no Idea how that’s going to work in Kicad it’s not really what the tool is for but maybe someone can help, but you should phrase your question a bit better or go on a Ergogen forum as this isn’t really a Kicad issue…best of luck :smiley:

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